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Weekly Specials

3-2-1 Tuesdays

$3 off any LARGE Pizza

$2 off any MEDIUM Pizza or LARGE Pasta

$1 off any SMALL Pizza or SMALL Pasta

Breakfast Special

$1 off ANY omelette or Lakeside Special

Lunch and Dinner Special

albendizole buy.

$1 off ANY Burger or ANY Sandwich (includes our NEW Hot Dago!)

Lenten Specials

$2 off ANY large OR medium Veggie Pizza

$2 off large Cheese and Raisin Ravioli

$1 off SMALL Veggie Pizza

$1 off Veggie Breakfast Omelettes

$1 off SMALL Cheese and Raisin Ravioli

Dine in or take out

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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